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Aim high achieve together

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May Service

On Wednesday 19th May, despite all the forecasts for inclement weather,  the sun shone brightly on us whilst we held our open air May Service .  For the first time in over twelve months all the children were able to gather in the playground to honour Our Lady Mary.


Children were invited to bring a flower to school so that we could decorate our prayer corners.  Flowers were brought in abundance and proudly presented to Our Lady during the service.  The children were also able to bring along their own Rosaries for the celebration.



Our service began with the hymn Beautiful World, followed by prayers lead by Mrs. Millership.  Natalie from Year 6 was then invited to crown Our lady with the beautiful crown of fresh flowers.  During the singing of Immaculate Mary, representatives from each class then presented their flowers to Our Lady Mary.  Mr. Pavelin and Year 5 then lead the prayer ‘The Coronation of Our Lady in Heaven’.

A child from each class was invited to say a Bidding Prayer before Mrs. Millership closed the service and we sang the final hymn ‘As I kneel before You’


St. Joseph's Science Week - March 2021


Year R 

made tunnels, magnet mazes and marble runs.  They also made bird feeders and hung them in the nature garden.  The children learned about what plants need to grow, made a bug hotel and planted seeds in their new nature area.  They investigated whether different items dissolved in water or not and made predictions each time.  The class did a huff and puff experiment and looked at whether they could blow items down using an air pump.  they also investigated what made a car travel faster using different tracks.

Year 1

have built houses for the Three Little Pigs out of different materials and foods to see which was the strongest.  they also completed the skittle experiment and visited the nature garden to make nature photo frames and collect bits for their bug house!

Year 2

explored what scientists do and why their job is so important.  They also took part in a range of WOW science experiments.  They used magnifying glasses to observe minibeasts and made some observational drawings.  The children investigated what the human body does and made a life size human body, showing how parts work together to move, eat, breathe and communicate.  They also built boats and constructed marshmallow catapults!

Year 3

explored the chemical reaction that occurs between vinegar and bicarb, by designing and constructing a bottle rocket and making their own volcanoes.  they also planted broad beans in a cup and a variety of vegetables in our school garden.

Year 4

started the week with a 'Colour magic' afternoon, using homemade indicators and investigating the pH scale.  They carried out chromatography to separate colours and investigated how many germs were on their hands!! They explored a variety of solid, liquid and gas experiments to demonstrate changing states including making bouncing eggs, lava lamps, a non-Newtonian material and sugar crystal sparklers.  They have looked for signs of Spring in the nature garden, grown cress and are excitedly waiting for their class chickens to hatch.  the children finished the week off by exploring forces using pulleys, levers and gears. 

Year 5

have explored a variety of different forces, including gravity, friction, up-thrust, down-force, buoyancy, air resistance and water resistance.  They have learnt how to accurately measure force using a Newton meter.

Year 6

built a working model of the lungs using bottles and balloons and carried out some investigations using acids and alkalines.  they explored paper chromatography and carried out a Sneeze Zone experiment to see how far microbes can carry in the air.  they also spent some time looking at habitats in the nature garden.

What a fun week back to school for everyone smiley

Our Mission and Values

“Through the love of Jesus we can navigate life’s journey”“Living out our 5 school values: Belonging, Caring, Enjoying, Respect, Teamwork”






We are members of many families and our school has strong links with the parish and the local community.

We care for God’s world and we appreciate its beauty and each other.

Create life long memories in a nurturing safe environment.

We are open to the opinions of others and celebrate our differences.

Working together with parents and agencies to achieve our best.

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Trust Information

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School is an academy, and part of the Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership. The Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership is an exempt charity and a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales under company registration number 08176019 at registered address: Barham Court, Teston, Maidstone, Kent, ME18 5BZ. St Joseph's Catholic Primary School is a business name of Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership.